Mystery shopper

Using the “Undercover client” technique we learn more about the operation, physical conditions and customer service in your business.
Benefit: Evaluate the treatment received by the customer through personal service, know the sales styles used by executives and whether they are taking care of the minimum requirements of the strategy in retail outlets.

Face to Face Surveys

It is the most efficient way of getting feedback from a customer. We have updated procedures for the best results.
Benefit: Knowing interests, preferences, habits and opinions regarding a number of issues. The information obtained is very reliable because it allows the pollster to interact with the participant and answer your questions.

Focus Groups

With this group technique we are able to know more about the attitudes and reactions of consumers to a new idea or business proposal.
Benefit: Understand perceptions, preferences and purchasing behavior of consumers in general. It is an excellent technique to explore emotions in individuals.


Email surveys are a growing way to get market information. Allows detailed control sample and large area coverage.
Benefit: It is very effective to obtain information from highly active people with little availability. We use systems like SurveyMonkey to perform these exercises.

Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys are a quick and less expensive technique to know more about the market, clients and voters. We have a comprehensive database across Mexico and the USA, and we have our own call center to operate.
Benefit: The information is much more agile than the traditional method (face to face). It is very accurate although it has its challenges in terms of the depth of the survey and control of the respondent.

In-depth Interview

Custom interviews with leaders are an important source for decision-making.
Benefit: It provides information regarding complex or precise features that cannot be obtained by simple questions in questionnaires. For example: buying behavior of a select product or opinion on specialized topics.

Facial & Visual Analysis

With this technology, we can evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising and web pages through an eye scan. From the computer or mobile device, the user can know the points of visual concentration, movements, clicks and more information related to the reactions of the clients.
Benefit: Before investing large amounts of money on advertising, beam tests that allow you to be more effective and achieve the impact you want.

Big Data

It is the analysis of huge volumes of data that can not be treated traditionally as beyond the limits of current tools to process data. With exclusive partnerships we have access to technology infrastructure that has been created to process huge data sets, emails, forms, social networks, files, sensors, images, etc.
Benefit: Businesses use Big Data to understand the profile, needs and feelings of its customers. This is especially relevant because it allows to adapt the way the company interacts with its customers.

Consulting & Training

More than 12 years of experience in the market have earned us a huge wealth of information and cases to share. Testa Marketing has a number of interesting topics, exercises and lectures on topics of Market Research, Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Political Marketing, among others.
Benefit: Companies need to keep up knowing the trends in the market. Consulting and Training help to have an updated, prepared and motivated team to improve performance.

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