In a few weeks we will run some focus groups in LA/OC and we're looking for women who meet ALL of the following requirements. Testa Marketing is a San Diego / Tijuana based binational market research firm.

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1. Women

2. 22 to 38 years old

3. Living in LA / Orange County

4. Caucasian

5. Buy shoes online at least 3 times a year

6. Own, have wore or follow on social media one of these brands: Labuc, Dear Frances, ATP Atelier, ALUMNAE ir M GEMI in the last year.

7. Not working directly or indirectly in the psychology field, market research, fashion o footwear industry.

8. Work on a startup, not corporate or government sector.

9. With college degree

10. Instagram users

Proof of this requirements will be asked to show. 


Interested? Email us at or give us a call at (619)730-1871 


$100 USD will be paid to all participants. 

Duration of session: from 60 to 90 minutes.

Location TBA


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